Remember last value in React functional components

Sometimes it can be very useful to save previous values of props (or state) in a React component.
Perhaps this is easier to be imagined in a class component, but in a functional component, less so.

However, we can use the useRef() React hook to achieve that quite efficiently.

Less talk, more code (typescript)…

const someFunctionalComponent = (p: {index: number}) => {
  // Keep the last positive value around.
  const lastPositiveIndexRef = React.useRef<number>(Math.max(p.index, 0));
  if (p.index >= 0) {
    lastPositiveIndexRef.current = p.index;

  // Here, the ref will always have the last positive input.
  const positiveIndex = p.index >= 0 ? p.index : lastPositiveIndexRef.current;
  return <span>I'm only allowing positive numbers to be shown: {positiveIndex}</span>

Here’s a working sample (JSFiddle).

I found the following comment from the React documentation, quite illuminating:
However, useRef() is useful for more than the ref attribute. It’s handy for keeping any mutable value around similar to how you’d use instance fields in classes.


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