Using enum values as strictly typed object keys

In TypeScript, it’s often useful to define interfaces or complex (structured)
types whose properties (or keys) may only be values of a previously defined
enum type.

Here’s a good example: an object declaring a set of buttons for a modal dialog.

Instead of this…

type DialogButtons = {
  yes?: boolean,
  no?: boolean,
  cancel?: boolean

interface IDialog {
  buttons: DialogButtons

const dialog: IDialog = {
  buttons: {
    yes: true,
    no: false

console.log("yes" in dialog.buttons) // true
console.log(dialog.buttons.yes) // true

console.log("no" in dialog.buttons) // true
console.log( // false

console.log("cancel" in dialog.buttons) // false
console.log(dialog.buttons.cancel) // undefined

This works, but once we try to use these values in other contexts, the approach becomes difficult to use. What if we want to pass which button was pressed to a callback function?

It would be cumbersome. Therefore…

…we can use enum values.

enum DialogButton {
  YES = "yes",
  NO = "no",
  CANCEL = "cancel"

interface IDialog {
  buttons: { [B in DialogButton]?: boolean },
  callback: (button: DialogButton) => void

const dialog: IDialog = {
  buttons: {
    [DialogButton.YES]: true,
    [DialogButton.NO]: false
  callback(button) {

console.log(DialogButton.YES in dialog.buttons) // true
console.log(DialogButton.NO in dialog.buttons) // true
console.log(DialogButton.CANCEL in dialog.buttons) // false

console.log(dialog.buttons[DialogButton.YES]) // true
console.log(dialog.buttons[DialogButton.NO]) // false
console.log(dialog.buttons[DialogButton.CANCEL]) // undefined

dialog.callback(DialogButton.YES) // yes
dialog.callback(DialogButton.NO) // no
dialog.callback(DialogButton.CANCEL) // cancel

This uses the a TypeScript feature called Mapped Types
and allows us to play around with the actual button values with a lot more flexibility, for example we could
define an array of buttons.

function renderButtons(buttons: [DialogButton]): [HTMLElement] {
  // ...

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