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Remember last value in React functional components

Sometimes it can be very useful to save previous values of props (or state) in a React component. Perhaps this is easier to be imagined in a class component, but in a functional component, less so.

Using `enum` values as strictly typed object keys

In TypeScript, it’s often useful to define interfaces or complex (structured) types whose properties (or keys) may only be values of a previously defined enum type.

A CloudFormation recipe for scheduling Lambda functions with 1-minute frequency

Among the plethora of tools which Amazon has given us there’s AWS CloudFormation. IMO, this proves that AWS is (still) in a class of it’s own. It’s the embodiment of the “infrastructure as code” concept. And, it’s battle-tested, it works! So well, in fact, that they ElasticBeanstalk right on-top of it.

Life-signs for a spring!

Today, my son, Augustin turned 2 years old. He’s third in the set of four children I’m blessed with. When did that happen, you say? Well… yeah. :)