@font-face for a programmer’s blog?

I’m sure that many of you are well aware of the exceptional @font-face CSS3 rule, which made life much easier for many designers, I would think. A few days ago I started wondering if it would be appropriate to use such an instrument on my blog… the site you’re on! Yoopie!

And, why not!? I love the idea of making my source codes more readable by using some custom font (Consolas in action). Anyway, I started looking around for some fonts and was not pleased with any of them (well to be fair I did like DejaVu Sans Mono but not as much as Consolas, unfortunately).

Long story short, here is a very generous list of web-embeddable fonts which can be used freely in commercial scenarios, gathered by the awesome FontSquirrel.com website (an instant friend!). They even provide a @font-face generator interface that transforms a given font file (TTF or OTF) into the needed formats (mainly EOT for IE) and also generates the embedding CSS3 rules. You should really give it a go!

And if you are wondering how I could speak of embedding Consolas on my blog, knowing full-well the licensing policy of Microsoft in these matters, here is your answer: one can buy a license to embed Consolas on the web (I paid $17.50) from here.

You can see it in action on any of my posts that contains some source code. Like this one! 🙂

I know, I know! I also would have never believed that I would actually promote a Microsoft product on my blog, but the Consolas font deserves all the credit! It is simply unsurpassed as far as programming goes.

So, does anyone know any other web-embeddable fonts worth mentioning?

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