First impressions on Loomiere/Stream performance


As promised, here are some of the first monitoring statistics of Loomiere/Stream in a production environment after moving away from psstream. Only one server is considered, a Quad-core Xeon with 8GB RAM (not that they are used anymore).

This shows the memory usage over one week (the switch was made on the 29th as is obvious).

…and the swap for that week:

Next we have the disk-drives load as given by iostat over one week:

Here is the TCP traffic over the interface (bare in mind that when the switch occurred, there were far more clients served simultaneously):

And finally, here is a chart showing the number of active simultaneous connections handled by the streamer over the course of one day:

Before, with psstream setup with NGINX/php-fastcgi, this server was processing 150 or (maximum 200) connections simultaneously.

So these are some first impressions, and it is plain to see that this streamer works! However, I am still not satisfied, I will continue to tinker with it and squeeze as much performance out of one server as I can.


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