Lua-TTyrant: a TokyoTyrant binding for Lua.

Some time ago I started a small project to implement a C-to-Lua binding of the TokyoTyrant library, called “lua-ttyrant“. A few days ago, while working with a script that was actually using it, I decided to polish it up, finish it and eventually submit it to be included in the LuaRocks repositories. Given the fact that the “rock” was just accepted by the LuaRocks team, I thought a new post was in order.


The lua-ttyrant source code can be found here (among my github repos).
The lua-ttyrant rockspec can be found here (among all the public Lua rocks).


  • TokyoTyant library and headers.
  • LuaRocks.

Prerequisites on Debian/Ubuntu distros:

sudo apt-get install libtokyotyrant-dev


sudo luarocks install lua-ttyrant


The binding is in beta for now. Please contribute a ticket if you find anything wrong with it. For anything else please see the doc/DETAILS file. Enjoy! 🙂